About Ash Mountain Construction

At Ash Mountain Construction we strive to provide a quality product that will bring satisfaction for years to come. Our spec homes come with that little bit extra that sets us apart from the masses.

We are a family run business comprised of brother's in law Gord Baier and Dan Hoshal. Gord grew up in the construction industry, starting out in siding and eventually moving into running his own successful siding and exteriors company, G-Force construction. Gord is a talented and innovative carpenter, creating and building beautiful custom furniture as well as having a unique vision for interior, as well as exterior finishing.

Dan also started out in the construction-siding industry as a young adult, working his way up to foreman and always being known for his hard-working and conscientious nature. Dan moved on to start his own artificial grass business, Edgeway Turf, that has grown exponentially over the past 8 years. His residential work can be seen all over the city, as well as commercially in the city of Langford. Along side Ash Mountain Construction, Dan continues to run Edgeway Turf.